Bicycle Highway Nuremberg-Erlangen-Herzogenaurach

01. April 2024

New sustainable and attractive inter-municipal infrastructure element for the Nuremberg metropolitan region

Together with the internationally active firm Rambǿll Ingenieure, PB Consult was commissioned to plan and supervise the new Nuremberg-Erlangen-Herzogenaurach (NBG-ER-HZA) high-speed cycle link (RSV).

In order to promote the traffic turnaround and also due to the increasing spread and use of e-bikes or pedelecs, RSVs - as a high-quality infrastructure element for cycling - represent an efficient, environmentally friendly and attractive alternative to car traffic. The aim is to make cycling more attractive and promote it as a sustainable centralised mobility option by upgrading the infrastructure on offer. In the Nuremberg metropolitan region, as in many other regions, cycling has gained considerable and increasing importance. Inter-municipal cycle transport in particular, due to large traffic generators such as company locations (Siemens, Adidas, Schäffler, etc.) or the university location of Erlangen, is becoming increasingly important. In addition to the main target group of commuters, other uses for cyclists (e.g. shopping, errands, education, leisure, etc.) are also to be made more attractive with the RSV NBG-ER-HZA.

The planned 29 km long RSV NBG-ER-HZA is currently the longest contiguous RSV currently being planned in Bavaria.

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