PB CONSULT plans cycle network for Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

02. March 2021

In Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa, one of the fastest growing metropolises in Africa, planning is already underway for the city of the future. Under the title “Addis Ababa City Smart Mobility 2025”, we are planning a holistic design of five important main traffic axes in the city centre, including all signalised intersections, together with our partners from Dorsch Gruppe, TetraTech and PTV Consult. An important integral part of this is the first-time and at the same time consistent consideration of bicycle traffic. In order to avoid conflicts between the different road users in this special environment, PB CONSULT has examined all intersections with regard to the performance of the intersections and developed a detailed concept planning for each intersection. With our innovative intersection design, more sustainable and safer cycling will be possible in the Ethiopian economic metropolis in the future. The following pictures document a section of “Corridor No.1”, one of the five main traffic axes with a total length of almost 4.5 kilometres.