Riyadh Bus Transit Design, Riyadh – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Riyadh Bus Transit Design, Riyadh – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The city of Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia, is experiencing rapid growth in city population and boosting urban development. To secure the sustainable growth and ensue vital economy the city plans to implement an efficient bus transit system.


Under the agreement with Arriyadh Development Authority LRTC provides the planning services for the design of the first 4 bus lines including the following work packages:

  • Selection of bus transit corridors, network design
  • Maintenance and operation concept
  • Preliminary study, design and elaboration of tender documents for:
    • Route Infrastructure, Stations & Stops
    • Vehicles
    • Depot & Workshop
    • Park & Ride Facilities
    • ITS Systems & OCC Center
  • Environmental appraisal
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Management & Institutional Set-Up of the operating company
  • Marketing concept & detailed business plan

Arriyadh Development Authority
P.O. Box 94501
Riyadh 11614
Saudi Arabia

Handling period:
2007 – 2008


Preliminary Planning for bus network and technical facilities Preparation of tender documents to set-up new bus system in Riyadh

In Cooperation with LRTC GmbH, BLIC GmbH, Zum goldenen Hirschen, SaudConsult