Quality Evaluation & Test Customer Process VAG Nürnberg

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Quality Evaluation & Test Customer Process VAG Nürnberg


The VAG Nürnberg is the leading mobility provider in the Nuremberg metropolitan area. To improve the service quality, the VAG has employed methods for quality measurement and control for a decade. PB CONSULT has made significant contributions to the development of these data collection tools.

The data obtained are allocated according to quality criteria. Based on standard questionnaires, the appearance and behaviour of the staff, the transportation quality in the vehicles and the condition of the stops are evaluated in open and hidden tests. Additionally, test purchases and consultations are performed. The capture of the evaluations is done digitally via smartphone.


Following an internal examination operational indicators and all gathered data are transferred to the VAG and stored in a dedicated database on a monthly basis. The overall evaluation from this analytic system of the VAG is used for company-internal targeting.

These evaluations allow for insights regarding training requirements or tangible indications of necessary operational measures.

VAG Verkehrs-Aktiengesellschaft Nürnberg

On a continuous basis since 2003, shown process valid for survey year 2019


  • Conception of the survey
  • Planning and implementing test customer assignments
  • Result verification and transmission to a dedicated VAG database