Parking Space Survey and Conception

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Parking Space Survey and Conception


On average, vehicles are not moved more than 23 hours per day, which means that efficient parking space design and organisation is absolutely critical.

PB CONSULT creates detailed parking space concepts to support public and private clients in this effort.

To achieve this, the status quo is determined using a survey performed by skilled staff. Depending on the project, this is done in intervals of multiple hours to 30 minutes. This way, areas with excessive supply of or additional demand for parking space can be identified.

Complementary to this, license plate identification can be performed which enables additional evaluation of the respective parking times. On the basis of time and parking duration, parking vehicles can then be allocated to various categories. This helps with the distribution of individual parking spaces according to resident, employee and visitor usage.

With the results of the surveys, recommendations of the reduction and addition of parking spaces, parking management and a parking guidance system can be made.

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since 2015


  • Survey of parking spaces
  • Evaluation of parking space usage
  • Parking time determination
  • Allocation of parked vehicles to usage categories
  • Geo-referenced visualisation of parking management, parking space usage and duration
  • Parking guidance system optimisation
  • Recommendations for resident parking
  • Recommendations for parking management
  • Presentation to public bodies