Line-specific Mobility Survey  for System Transitions

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Line-specific Mobility Survey for System Transitions


Within the scope of major changes in the bus system and accompanied by an extensive dialogue marketing campaign, an in-depth mobility survey was performed within the commuter belt served by a bus line. The mobility survey should be used as the basis for an analysis on how the mobility behaviour of the local residents is affected by the new service offerings in public transport.

The GIS-based selection of the project area allows for a focused survey of the households located in the commuter belt around of the bus stops. The research was based on a household survey in KONTIV design (physical and per mail, online, via telephone).  By comparing the mobility data before and after the system change, it was possible to measure the impact of the modifications to the transport services. In addition to conclusions regarding the modal split, potential reductions of the carbon emissions could be determined, for instance.

In addition to a comparison of the prior and subsequent states, in-depth research is appropriate as the base for decisions regarding system changes. It can also serve as the base to determine the prior usage of public transport to identify the potential of the scheduled system changes.

This means that the results of in-depth mobility research are a valuable means to support providers of transport services in their marketing efforts which can also be used as the basis for subsequent traffic planning and local decision making.

VAG Verkehrs-Aktiengesellschaft Nürnberg

April/May 2017


  • Definition of an area-specific sample and performance of the household survey (physical and per mail, online, via telephone)
  • Survey of the mobility behaviour
  • Determination of the opportunities and support for the definition of appropriate measures
  • Analysis of the secondary effects of systemic measures (e. g. reductions of carbon emissions)
  • Performance rating of implemented measures