PB-Consult Analysis of Service Quality for the Münchner Verkehrs Gesellschaft (MVG)

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Analysis of Service Quality for the Münchner Verkehrs Gesellschaft (MVG)

The public services of Munich (SWM) offer transportation services via the Münchner Verkehrs­gesell­schaft mbh (MVG). Bus services are offered in cooperation with private contractors.

As a part of the quality management system of the transport operator mystery shoppers should continuously measure the service quality. Results will be submitted to a database and reported twice a year. Data are assigned to the quality criteria of DIN EN 13816 and will be compared to appointed target values.



Points of analysis:

  • Customer information at stops, platforms and underground railway stations
  • Driving performance in busses, underground and tram lines
  • Staff appearance
  • Tidiness of vehicles and platforms
  • MVG-Homepage.

Performance analysis of private contractors (private bus operators):

  • Driving performance
  • Staff appearance
  • Tidiness of vehicles.

SWM Stadtwerke München
Emmy-Noether-Straße 2
80992 München

Handling period:
2007 to 2014


  • Development of study design and questionnaire
  • Study implementation
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Evaluation.