Q-Barometer Benchmarking Study

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Q-Barometer Benchmarking Study


The quality barometer for public transport is a benchmarking study that meets the requirements of the German DIN 13816 standard for service quality with its methodology.

To this purpose, comparability between the participating cities for the various evaluation categories is ensured. Using the comparison, own strengths and weaknesses can be identified.


The survey is performed as target date collection within the survey period. To achieve this, qualified and trained staff are used, each city is evaluated by all testers and the evaluation is performed with standardised tools. Evaluations of underground trains, buses, tramways, customer centres, hotlines and stops in the participating cities are performed.

The results can be used to create courses of action to achieve quality improvements upon implementation. The transportation companies are provided with the opportunity to share insights in a common workshop. This way, more ideas can be generated to achieve the best possible quality in open discussions.

Transportation companies in Germany and Austria

2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018 and 2020


  • Conception and development of survey contents
  • Performance of benchmarking study
  • Data capture and assessment of the results
  • Creation of result reports
  • Running of a result-oriented workshop