PB CONSULT launches survey app EMMA

PB CONSULT launches survey app EMMA

The collection and research of traffic data are basic prerequisites for the successful development of transport offers and their planning implementation. Both areas have always been among the core competences of our company. In order to be able to utilise the data digitally immediately, we at PB CONSULT have developed our own app. This enables the data and evaluations of our analysts to be made available to clients quickly and in high quality.

Our so-called EMMA app was completed in late summer 2020 and was already successfully used in autumn 2020 as part of our biennial Q-Barometer (measurement of service quality in public transport) at 13 transport companies.

With the EMMA app, we can, for example, carry out passenger counts in public transport and regional rail transport, create comprehensive quality evaluations of means of transport and transport facilities including photo documentation, map the so-called customer journey of passengers with time-of-day recording of the means of transport used, the exact location of boarding and alighting, the ticket used as well as socio-demographic data of the passengers. And last but not least, digitalisation offers the possibility to quickly and easily adapt the questionnaires to the respective customer requirements.

With this innovation, PB CONSULT now offers its customers from the public transport sector a modern tool with which the service offer can be adapted and improved again and again.