PB Consult Expert for the Protestant Campus Nuremberg

PB Consult Expert for the Protestant Campus Nuremberg

In summer 2017, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria (ELKB) acquired the property at Bayreuther Str. 1 in Nuremberg. After extensive preparatory work – feasibility studies, inventory analyses, user needs surveys and church policy discussions – the building could be developed into a property with a Protestant profile, a Protestant education campus.

In July 2019, ELKB launched an architectural competition for the property. PB Consult was available to the ELKB as an expert for transport. Prior to the competition, PB Consult defined the traffic conditions for the architects. In the evaluation of the submitted designs, PB Consult examined and assessed the compliance with these framework conditions as well as the different approaches to solving the transport challenges.

There were three winning designs. If the state synod gives its approval, the building complex will be given an open character and will be redesigned in a sustainable and climate-friendly manner. With an attractive project for the future, ELKB is strengthening its image and showing a clearly visible presence in the middle of Nuremberg, easily accessible by public transport.

Source: ECN newspaper