Partial renovation of Volksfestplatz Nuremberg started

Partial renovation of Volksfestplatz Nuremberg started

The city of Nuremberg has entrusted us with an extremely challenging task. The Volksfestplatz is located in a historically significant setting as part of the former Reichparteitagsgelände. Since 1953, the square, along with the so-called Congress Hall, has acquired an important social and economic significance, both as a venue for the Spring and Autumn Folk Festivals and for other major events.

Due to the maximum use of the area in the past almost 70 years, a need for redevelopment has arisen, which is now being implemented by a partial redevelopment of the most used areas. The concrete construction measures began on 11 January 2023 and are expected to be completed by December 2023. In the run-up to this project, we carried out the planning and, together with the City of Nuremberg, the awarding process to the relevant trades last year. In the current year, we will continue to accompany the project in the course of local construction supervision and project management.

Due to the time-related coordination, the project is particularly challenging for all parties involved. Due to the guaranteed staging of the two folk festivals in spring and autumn 2023, the construction work must not only be interrupted, but the square must be fully usable for the smooth staging of the two folk festivals.

The renovation measures include soil remediation to increase the load-bearing capacity in the installation areas of the heavy rides with an area of around 14,000 m², the site drainage of approx. 2,000 m of combined sewers in need of renovation, as well as the replacement and upgrading of the lighting masts to energy-saving LED light bulbs.