New parking concept adopted in Landshut

New parking concept adopted in Landshut


Efficient parking space design and organisation is essential for local authorities in the future, as cars are not moved for more than 23 hours a day on average. In order to support public and private clients PB CONSULT develops detailed parking space concepts for municipalities and companies.

Such a survey has now been carried out in the city of Landshut. Through this it was possible to identify areas in which there is either an oversupply or additional demand for parking space. In addition, we carried out a number plate registration, which made an additional evaluation of the respective parking times possible. On the basis of time and parking duration, the parked vehicles were assigned to different categories (employees, customers, residents etc.) in coordination with the city administration. This investigation formed the basis for the division of the parking spaces into residents’, employees’ and visitors’ parking spaces.

The results of the survey were used to draw up recommendations for the dismantling or new construction of parking spaces, for parking space management, and for municipal and company mobility management, which were presented in public committees.

The PB CONSULT concept was approved by the Landshut Transport Senate in November 2020 and is now being implemented step by step.