We survey.

The knowledge of the overall temporal and geographical conditions is essential to allow for the provision of useful ideas and propositions of activities for decision making.

Survey app EMMA

We measure digitally.

With our self-developed EMMA app, we can carry out passenger counts in public transport and regional rail transport, create comprehensive quality evaluations of means of transport and transport facilities including photo documentation, map the customer journey of passengers with time-of-day recording of the means of transport used, the exact location of boarding and alighting, the ticket used as well as socio-demographic data of the passengers and adapt questionnaires quickly and easily to the respective customer requirements.

Passenger Survey

We create basics.

The regular capture of the users in traffic censuses and surveys is used to enable planning of the services as well as control and improvement of the offerings. The knowledge obtained this way can be used in future tender processes.

Traffic Survey

We measure.

For junction surveys we offer semi-automatic surveys using special cameras. For targeted traffic load curves we offer surveys of the traffic sections via radar traffic classifiers that also measure the speeds in addition to the classified traffic volumes. Furthermore, we can provide large-scale measurements of the source, target and transit traffic in communities using anonymised number plate recognition.


We capture.

Complete accessibility in public transport in Germany is to be achieved by 2022. By taking stock, it is possible to record and categorize each stop according to the current level of expansion.

Survey Covering Severely Disabled Persons

We provide support.

Transport operators receive state payments to compensate for free or reduced-price transportation of severely disabled persons in public transport. According to ยงยง 145 ff. SGB IX, the collection of severely disabled passengers is to be recorded quantitatively in relation to the other passengers.

Income Analyses for Distribution of Revenue

We enable transparency.

In accordance with the requirements of the cooperation contracts for revenue sharing, traffic surveys are to be carried out at regular intervals to determine the right to receive revenue. The basis is the standards defined in the “Tarifverband der Bundeseigenen und Nichtbundeseigenen Eisenbahnen in Deutschland”.

Control Counts of Automatic Passenger Systems

We create certifications.

To enable successful testing of automatic passenger counting systems in the individual means of transport, we perform manual control and comparative surveys. Precise results and achievements of quality objectives are essential for this.