Quality Measurement

We measure.

Objective and regular quality measurements for operations and services in public transport are the basis for permanent improvements of the service quality.

Survey app EMMA

We measure digitally.

With our self-developed EMMA app, we can carry out passenger counts in public transport and regional rail transport, create comprehensive quality evaluations of means of transport and transport facilities including photo documentation, map the customer journey of passengers with time-of-day recording of the means of transport used, the exact location of boarding and alighting, the ticket used as well as socio-demographic data of the passengers and adapt questionnaires quickly and easily to the respective customer requirements.

Measuring the quality of services

We review service quality.

We measure and monitor the service quality of transport companies all year round. We provide information on strengths and weaknesses in the system and thus identify potential for improvement. The justifiable data can also be used to meet agreed quality targets. Contents of the evaluations include the appearance of vehicles, stops and service facilities, behaviour and appearance of the driving and service personnel, passenger information, service facilities such as complaint management and service telephone. Furthermore, we offer focal point surveys on all topics that may be of special temporary importance to transport companies, such as the evaluation of the service quality of call-collecting taxi services, night bus lines, the women’s taxi and ticket inspectors.

Quality Barometer for Public Transport

We compare.

In two-year intervals, we measure the objective provision of services by transport operators in various cities. The results are then compared in a benchmark analysis. Strengths and weaknesses are identified and instructions on quality improvement are defined in a workshop. Moreover, the participants are enabled to observe and understand their development in a time series analysis.

Customer Satisfaction Analysis

We rate customer satisfaction.

Our services are supplemented with studies of the satisfaction levels of individual customers within the scope of quality evaluations. Apart from the extracted survey and research information, we develop metrics for process control and offer consulting services for process optimisation and for the creation of quality management systems.