Mobility Research

We research.

Human mobility behaviour is complex and diverse. Only with the knowledge of the mobility-related preferences of the population it is possible to identify the potential improvements for traffic planning and to implement the necessary measures.

Mobility Surveys

We do mobility research.

Surveys of the mobility behaviour of the population are the basis for traffic planning efforts and fact-based decisions in traffic policy. We capture and analyse the current mobility situation.

Customer Satisfaction Analyses

We perform customer surveys.

On behalf of transport operators and authorities, we examine how public transport is perceived and experienced by citizens. The examination is focused on network range, frequency, pricing, cleanliness and safety of the services.

Potential Analyses

We recognise potentials.

We provide the relevant authorities and transport operators with information on how motorised individual traffic could be reduced and shifted to sustainable alternatives such as public transport.

Fare Analyses

We optimise pricing procedures.

Our pricing analyses support transport operators and other organisations in public transport in their efforts to define scopes for action within the existing pricing range to enhance customer acquisition and loyalty.