PB-Consult Mobility Research

Mobility Research

PB CONSULT conducts mobility research for transport providers and public authorities.
The results of our analysis of the local mobility market are a valuable tool to assist local authorities and municipal service providers in their operations as well as in their presentation to the public. In addition, our data and results form the foundation for future transport planning and municipal decisions.
As a basis of our research, we conduct household surveys on mobility behaviour. StadtProfil is a modular survey and analysis instrument for assessing not only the everyday mobility behaviour of the population, but also the customer satisfaction with public transport. This survey also identifies the key factors for choosing a means of transport which provides authorities with the potential for changing the transport mode.


Mobility Surveys

Surveys on the mobility behaviour of the population form the basis for traffic planning and fact-based decisions in transport policy. PB CONSULT collects data and analyses current mobility events.


Customer Satisfaction Analysis

PB CONSULT evaluates citizens’ perception of public transport and their experience with it for transportation companies and municipalities. The studies focus on network supply, frequency, prices, cleanliness and safety.


Potential Analysis

PB CONSULT demonstrates to local authorities and transport companies how private motorised transport can be reduced and replaced by environmentally friendly modes of transportation such as public transport, cycling and walking.


Tariff Studies

The tariff analysis by PB CONSULT helps transportat companies and local public transport associations to determine opportunities in the tariff system in order to attract new customers and retain existing ones.