Mobility Management

We want change.

We change the mobility-related behavioural patterns of traffic participants. An asset for companies, communities, project developers and public facilities alike.

Mobility Concepts

We design.

Our mobility concepts aim at providing effective design concepts for the existing private and public spaces that are both tailored to individual needs and comply with environmental and social requirements.

Operational Mobility Management

We improve.

Our approach to operational traffic and mobility management is intended to have an effect on the individual traffic behaviour of employees and visitors of an organisation. The objective is to enhance the utilisation of alternative means of transport and responsible and economical car use.

Parking Facility Concepts

We optimize.

Public space is available for all sections of the population, but still a disproportionate share of space is reserved for parked vehicles. Our parking space analyses and concepts can help secure ideal utilisation of the available space.

Reachability Analyses

We evaluate.

The accessibility of public infrastructure is critical for business-related decisions regarding locations, regional developments and the respective personal situations of the citizens. We analyse potential locations using a grid-based GIS accessibility model.

Concepts for Vehicle Fleets

We dimension.

Our vehicle fleet analyses are used as the basis for the optimisation of the usage of the existing fleet and the integration of electric mobility and the associated charging infrastructure.

Logistics and Commercial Transport

We distribute.

Logistics require a holistic approach to commercial transport with the focus on the last mile. We create individual logistics concepts, tailored to the specific local requirements and taking into consideration new modes of mobility.


We engage.

The relevant local stakeholders are encouraged to participate in our planning activities right from the start. We enable local knowledge and high acceptance using various event formats.

Dialogue Marketing

We inform.

Dialogue marketing offers excellent opportunities to exert direct influence on mobility behaviour. Using reliable and timely information gathered through our dialogue marketing activities, we promote a conscious decision in favour of sustainable means of transport.

Custom Mobility Consulting

We provide consulting services.

We use a variety of survey, interpretation and marketing methods to help you achieve your objectives. We select them based on individual needs and collaborate to create an effective strategy.