Mobility Management

Mobility Management

We change

Habits in the mobility behavior of all road users. We achieve this by collecting and analyzing objective and subjective parameters that are interpreted with the help of behavioral approaches. The goal of mobility management is to reduce the known pollution from traffic and to harmonize the potential of the environmental association with the individual needs of road users.


Accompanying cities and municipalities in all processes for changing from an auto-oriented to a people-oriented spacial design.

Traffic Companies

Supporting transport companies in marketing and service campaigns for information and new customer acquisition.

Educational Institutions

Supporting educational institutions in coping with the tightly staggered volume of traffic and improving the situation on the way to school.

Project Developers

Creation of mobility concepts for the individual evaluation of the parking spaces actually to be built for a building project based on detailed location analyzes.


Identification of potential in company mobility behavior as well as the individual behavior of employees.

To achieve your goals, we can use a variety of survey, interpretation and marketing methods.
Not all methods are suitable for every situation – contact us and we will create an individual strategy for you.