We can achieve it.

In our view, conceptional traffic planning should take the form of creative interaction between engineering, city planning and social science. We facilitate decision making for you using state-of-the-art visualisations and simulations of the public space and traffic-related activities.

Transport Master Plan

We plan.

Our planning activities focus on the creation of urban mobility in a way that enables sustainable coordination of all elements and protection of the population and the environment.

Cycle Route Planning

We design.

Everyday mobility is characterised by the increasingly popular bicycle. It is the task of our planning activities and an integral part of modern urban design to integrate the needs of cycling into existing or yet to be planned infrastructure in a sensible and safe way.

Traffic Forecast

We create forecasts.

We create individual traffic forecasts that are tailored to the specific local conditions. Future-proof traffic planning is based on extensive traffic forecasts.

Traffic Simulation

We simulate.

Using realistic traffic simulations, we examine the microscopic traffic flows and analyse the traffic impact of infrastructural measures or variations of the traffic behaviour.

Traffic and Demand Modelling

We model.

Our traffic simulations show the impacts of network changes on micro and macro levels. We use PTV Visum in national and international projects to perform forecasts of the traffic demand in strategic and operational traffic models.

Planning of Light Signalling Systems

We signal.

We plan the technical and traffic-related implementation of light signalling systems, taking into consideration all traffic participants.

Efficiency Evaluations

We check and evaluate.

We analyse and evaluate the efficiencies of networks and nodes. The results are then used to develop possible opportunities for optimisation.

Acceleration of Public Transport

We accelerate.

Acceleration of public transport is one of the most important instruments in efforts to make public transport more attractive. Using extensions or replacements of light signalling phases, the succession of light signalling systems is influenced dynamically and an acceleration of the public transport systems is achieved.

Concepts/Service Optimisation for Public Transport

We improve.

We create and explore planning scenarios, analyse their traffic-related impact and perform evaluations using cost/benefit analyses. The objective are optimised concepts for public transport that are efficiently tailored to the requirements. We examine and evaluate existing public transport networks and develop entire demand-specific concepts with the aim of improving the services provided.

Logistics and Commercial Transport

We distribute.

Logistics require a holistic approach to commercial transport with the focus on the last mile. We create individual logistics concepts, tailored to the specific local requirements and taking into consideration new modes of mobility.

Parking Facility Concepts

We develop rules.

Our parking space analyses and concepts can help secure ideal utilisation of the available space.

Trafficability Tests

We drive.

To examine the feasibility of new and/or modification of existing parking space, we survey the trafficability and support the efforts aimed at the pre-planning and optimisation of the facilities.